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Working Ink is a site that explores the possibilities and uses of Working Inks. It is a Forum where people can interact as part of a community not to prove anything or convince you of something but rather to engage you and get you to think of your own ideas and recipes and to move an idea forward.

Have a look, find it interesting, do some background research and move it forward.

So Enjoy and let your imagination run wild and feel free to Engage!

“Let’s Start Changing The World”

Robert Murray Smith

Hi, I’m Robert Murray-Smith an independent researcher. My main idea is to bring the Hi-Tech down to earth. I work on processes that anyone can use to make the weird and wonderful hi-tech materials that are at the forefront of research today. This is so anyone and everyone can research, do or build their own projects or take part in projects they always wanted to take part in without having to have the equipment of a large university or the bank balance of a major corporation. 
I do a lot of work out in the open and you can find my videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/RobertMurraySmith where I keep an active overview of the comments and I am always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Now the reason for this Project. Lots of people have been asking to buy the stuff I have been making especially the graphene ink and alternative graphene inks are just silly money. At the moment I make small amounts in a long and laborious process and I need the money to buy some machinery and make larger amounts so everybody can have a bit.